Course Marking

There will be a distance marking every 5km. Along the route there will be red-white flagging tape to indicate the way. At all track junctions there will be an arrow indicating the direction. At night Glow-in-the-Dark Sticks will be put it in place along the race route. There will also be a cross sign on the tracks that you should not take. Should you get lost or find yourself off the course. Please track back to the last marker you saw.
For safety reasons all participants are strongly advised to study the race map in detail beforehand, and if you have any further inquiries please contact the race organizer.
Please note that all signage and markers will be installed prior to the race. Even though the route will be checked before the race day still there will be a possibility of the signage being defaced or removed by vandals. They are also subjected to wear out and tear due to inclement weather and etc.