Mandatory Gear List

Mandatory Gear List for 100Km Solo, 100Km Duo and 50Km Solo
  • Hydration bag Minimum 2l capacity for 100km Solo
  • Hydration bag Minimum 1l capacity for 100km duo & 50km solo.
  • Hydration quantity is NOT included water bottles or containers on top of compulsory hydration bag.
  • Food, fuel bars or energy gels
  • Night head - light (min. 70 lumen) with batteries (for 100km solo/duo and 50km runners)
  • 1 extra set of batteries (only for 100km solo runners)
  • Mobile phone (DTAC is recommended as coverage on the course is far better than any other network)
  • Small medical kit
  • Whistle
* Only head-light required. Any other kind of torches and lighting are not allowed.
Below are mandatory items provided in the Race Kit:
  • Emergency contact sheet
  • Race course map
  • Chip timing
  • Bib number
Note: There will be random gear checks throughout the event and if you are missing any one of the mandatory items you will not be allowed to continue until the item can be replaced. You will also receive a time penalty. Furthermore, there will be a check at the final check - point that the runners are still carrying hydration. Runners without the necessary hydration will be disqualified.